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Discover How To Avoid The 7 Deadly Sins On Your Restaurant Insurance, Workers Comp, and Umbrella Insurance Plus How To Correct Them While Saving Huge Premium Dollars Too!

Nationally Recognized Restaurant Business Insurance, Workers Comp, & Umbrella Insurance Specialists Michael Carroll & Bronco McKart Will Send You Their Critically Acclaimed Book For FREE!

Claim Your FREE Copy of The Naked Restaurateur Today

Claim Your FREE Copy of The Naked Restaurateur Today!


It Isn’t Your Fault!
Restaurant owners have been brainwashed. You’ll learn how this has happened & how to easily change that!

Could This Happen to You? Worse Yet,
Would You Even Know?

97% of all Restaurants are Not properly protected by their Restaurant Insurance Coverage. Which are you or do you even know?

So You Think You’re Spoiled
You lose all of your food due to spoilage, bet you aren’t covered…yet you should be!

Sticky Fingers
The good old employee who steals you blind and some common scams and how to protect yourself from this.

Lightning Fast
Mother Nature can put you out of business and you aren’t even aware of how much at risk that you are.

Income and Outcome
So you have a claim, what about rent, paying key employees, and most importantly your pay & profit.

Drunk with Power
Someone has a single drink at your Restaurant and the incredible exposure you face.

Running Errands to Ruination
Sending an employee or even yourself on company business in a personally owned vehicle is as dangerous as driving blindfolded.

Harassment, Discrimination and Termination: The Grisly Gremlins
You are exposed to this EVERY day and it will put you out of business, GUARANTEED if you don’t address this easily and affordably.

People Just Like You.. Your Best Friends
Why you want & deserve a restaurant business insurance specialist who knows your business in & out.

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What Restaurant Owners Are Saying About The Naked Restaurateur

Pat Phelan Restaurant Owner
“I Had No Idea”

“Just finished reading The Naked Restaurateur & was I ever fooled by doing business with a nice enough guy that goes to my church yet knows very little on how to properly protect my Restaurant. The best part is that I could actually call Michael Carroll and with one simple call to him I was able to plug fatal gaps in my Restaurant Business Insurance that would have flat out put me out of business. Thank you Michael Carroll!”

Pat Phelan, The Jacobson

Shain Buerk Restaurant Owner
“Talk About A Wake Up Call”

“Okay, I am not a huge book reader as I spend time with people which is my favorite thing to do. Whether it be with the staff, chefs, or my patrons. Yet The Naked Restaurateur caught my eye and am I ever elated that I took the few hours to read it from cover to cover. An easy, enjoyable read YET most importantly, by making a simple call to Michael Carroll I just saved me from losing my entire adult life of hard work!”

Shain Buerk, Scrambler Maries’ Restaurants

Juan Martinez Shain-Buerk

“A Game Changer For Me”

“This book was easily read in a few hours but it had a very profound impact on me.
I learned in a few hours what I hadn’t learned in over 30 years elsewhere. None of the current or past literature you pick up (or at least none that I have read) tells the story of how to properly protect my Restaurant from events that are 100% out of my control like The Naked Restaurateur did for me!”

Juan Martinez, Town House Restaurant